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Current Issue, Volume 20, Issue 2, October 2017

Review Article

Effect of Stem Cells versus Statins on the Mucous Membrane and Salivary Glands of the Tongue of Induced- Diabetic Rats

Mai S. Fakhr*, Enas M. Hegazy, Laila S. Ghali

Original Articles

Surgical Treatment of Unstable Posterior Wall Acetabular Fractures

Samir A. Elshoura*, Osman A. Mohamed, Fathy H. Salama, and Mohamed A. Hassan

Association of Leptin Gene G2548A Polymorphism and Leptin Resistance with Insulin Resistance and Obesity among Egyptians

Sara A. Aboelros, Abdel Malik M. Nassar, Mohamed M. El shabrawy, Ranya M. Hassan*, and Ahmed T. Abdelellah

Comparative Study between Concomitant Radiotherapy With Temozolamide Versus Concomitant Radiotherapy With Etoposide and Mannitol in Glioblastoma Multiforme

Mohamed F. Abosree*, Maha L. Zamzam, Sohier A. Abdelmohsen, Ehab M. Hassanin

Liver Involvement in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Patients

Amira A. Shahin, Ghada S. Alazkalany, Maha S. Hasaballah, Al Shaymaa A. Ewiela*

Early Outcome Following Modified Blalock-Taussig Shunt in Cyanotic Congenital Heart Diseases: Determinants of Morbidity and Mortality

Shady Abdelmoneim* Hany Faisal Hassan Hassan, Hany El-Domiaty