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Current Issue Article, Volume 20, Issue 2, October 2017

Three-dimensional Evaluation of Facial Harmony in Orthodontic Patients with Vertical Growth Pattern

Rim M. Fathalla*, Abbadi A. El Kadi, Mohamed A. Nadim


Aim: To three-dimensionally evaluate the facial harmony in orthodontic patients with vertical growth pattern. Materials and Methods: Cone-beam computed tomography (CT) scans were ob-tained in 10 normal occlusion adults (4 men, 6 women) with vertical growth pattern, and recon-structed into 3-dimensional (3D) models by using a 3D image software. 3D position of 12 hard tissue landmarks, 3 midlines and 9 pairs of bilateral landmarks, were identified in 3D coordination sys-tem, and their right and left differences were calculated and analyzed. Results: The right and left difference values derived from the study indicated a degree of facial asymmetry in the vertical growers. The lateral ramal inclination was the most asymmetric value. Conclusions: A degree of facial asymmetry exists in the vertical growers. The lateral ramal inclination is a significant pa-rameter in the assessment of facial asymmetry in the vertical growers. Facial asymmetry tends to increase according to the lower and lateral positioning of the landmarks in the face. There is a ten-dency towards left-side dominance. Keywords: Cone-beam computed tomography, facial asymmetry