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Current Issue Article, Volume 20, Issue 2, October 2017

Ability of Debridement and Shaping of Single Reciprocating Files Compared with Full Turn Rotary Files

Samar G. Mohammed* Laila S. Ghaly, Dalia M. Fayyed


Aim: The aim of this study was to evaluate shaping and debridement ability of two single Recip-rocating Files (Wave-One and single F2) with full turn rotary files (Complete Sequence of Protaper) in oval and round shaped root canals. Materials and Methods: The selected root spec-imens were divided into 2 main groups according to the shape of canal; oval (group 1) or round (group 2) and each group was subdivided into 3 subgroups according to the instrument that was used for root canal preparation; Wave-One, single F2, and complete sequence of ProTaper. Cone-Beam Computed tomography was used to measure the pre-and post-instrumentation dentin thickness using, and then applied in an equation ability of the three systems. Results: Regarding transportation, oval root canals recorded higher mean of transportation than round shaped root canals at the middle and coronal levels when prepared by complete sequence of Protaper. Regarding centering ratio, there was no significant difference between centering ratio of oval and round shaped root canals using the three systems both in labio-lingual and me-sio-distal, except at middle level of round shaped root canals prepared by complete sequence of Protaper. Regarding pulp remnants, in the three subgroups, the round-shaped root canals recorded the lower statistically significant difference mean value than oval ones at the three levels. Conclusions: Wave-One had less transportation than single F2 and complete sequence of ProTaper in oval and round shaped root canals. Also, the shaping of round shaped root canals and its debridement was better than oval shaped root canals after instrumentation by the three techniques. Keywords: Wave-One, Single F2, Transportation, Centering ratio, Debridement ability