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Current Issue Article, Volume 20, Issue 2, October 2017

Comparison between Effect of Sildenafil Citrate and Tramadol on Testis and Sperm Quality of Male Rats

Reham E. Masoud


Background: Nowadays tramadol is becoming abused more popular among teens in most coun-tries worldwide; especially between males. Sildenafil citrate is an oral medication widely used to treat erectile dysfunction. Aim: to evaluate and compare effects of these two drugs on count and morphology of sperms in male rats. Materials and Methods: The study groups included normal control, sildenafil citrate treated and tramadol treated group, each group included 10 rats. Serum testosterone level and testicular histopathology were evaluated. Serum testos-terone was measured by ELISA, sperm count and morphology were assessed and testicular his-topathology was assessed after sacrifice. Results: The present work revealed that treatment with sildenafil citrate and tramadol separately caused a significant decreased count of sperms and increased abnormal forms as compared to normal (p ≤0.05). There was also significant de-crease in testosterone level in tramadol group as compared to both normal and sildenafil treat-ed group (p value≤0.05). Histopathology of testes showed reduction of spermatogenic cells number and height and increase interstitial tissue between tubules and in tramadol treated group, loss of most spermatogenic cells, degenerative changes, disturbed architecture of sem-iniferous tubules and edema of interstitial tissue. Conclusions: The study concluded that these two drugs impaired testicular function in male rats to varying degrees, tramadol caused more significant impairment in all parameters measured than sildenafil citrate and recommended limitation the use of these two drugs if possible and necessity of designing a national aware-ness campaign to the public to spotlights on the hazards of tramadol abuse on sexual function. Keywords: sildenafil, tramadol, nitric oxide, testosterone.