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Current Issue Article, Volume 20, Issue 2, October 2017

Three-Dimensional Evaluation of Cervical Vertebral Morphology in Skeletal Class II of Malocclusion in Egyptians

Amr H. Ghazy*, Waleed E. Refaat, Sherif S. Morcos


Background: evaluation of skeletal age is of a very high importance during determining the ap-propriate treatment plan for orthodontic patients, growth modification isn’t applicable in skel-etally mature patients while it could be the treatment of choice in growing ones. That’s why Cervical vertebral morphology is of great importance in the field of orthodontics as it can be used to assess skeletal maturity. Aim: to study the morphology of cervical vertebrae in individ-uals with skeletal Class II malocclusion. Materials and Methods: Twenty Cone-beam computed tomography images of male and female Egyptian patients aged from 18 to 40 years were stud-ied. Patients were divided into two groups according to ANB angle: group 1, Skeletal Class I (ANB=1:3); and group 2, Skeletal Class II (ANB>3). Eight linear measurements and one angular measurement were used to evaluate the morphology of C1 vertebra. Results: The Cone-beam images of the twenty patients were evaluated to assess the morphology of the first cervical vertebra in both groups, eight linear and one angular variables were compared in both groups significant differences were found between both groups regarding the horizontal outer trans-verse diameter of C1 (HOTDC1) with P value of 0.026, Lateral outer anteroposterior diameter of C1(LOAPC1) with P value of 0.04, Frontal outer transverse diameter of C1(FOTDC1) with P value of 0.025 and Dens Angle with P value of 0.02. Conclusion: The morphology of the cervical verte-brae was found to be affected by the anteroposterior relation of the maxilla to the mandible. Keywords: Cervical vertebrae, Skeletal Class I, Cone- beam computed tomography (CBCT)